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Uncommon Branding

Building a Brand that Separates You from the Crowd Exceptional brands draw deep loyalty and even fanaticism among their followers. They represent a perspective that touches upon an often unspoken value or belief—and provide the expression of that value or belief that an individual is proud to display or partake in. Think Apple, Tiffany, or […]

7 Steps to Building Your Brand

A Guide to Creating a Lasting Brand Once a term used almost exclusively in the marketing and advertising industry, branding is now a common term for everyone. And while branding is generally understood by anyone, what is far less known is how to actually build a brand. And even more scarce is knowledge of what […]

AIGA Design Census

The 2016 Design Census is partnership between AIGA and Google. It grew out of the annual AIGA Salary Survey and recognizes the need for open source data about designers, for designers. It is supported by numerous design organizations including IDSA, IXdA, SEGD and Ico-D, the NEA and many design schools. One statistic that came out […]

Cause Marketing eBook

Make the Case for Your Cause Often, non-profit organizations assume that the nobility and virtue of their causes are self-evident to everyone. As a result, they believe that they don’t need to have a strategic communications effort in place to attract attention. The fact is, making your cause noticed, supported, and ultimately an effective vehicle for […]

Branding for Associations eBook

Why Brand an Association? Many associations look at branding with skepticism. Why should a non-profit organization that serves a highly specialized audience need to brand itself? Shouldn’t its name be sufficient in letting people know what it’s about? First of all, it’s important to know what a brand really is. A brand is more than just a name or […]

Brand Design eBook

How do you want to be known? Where is your next big success? What competitive advantage can you sustain? What does the marketplace want? How much growth is possible? Success is no longer a given from simply working hard. Growth is not automatically sustainable because you did something right one time. Customers and clients are […]

Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Content Marketing for Lead Generation eBook

Lead generation is key to starting the sales process—but how can you leverage content to your advantage to begin a dialogue with prospects? Prospects and customers are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to marketing communications. They know when they’re being “marketed to” and can instantly access brand, product, or service information online that […]