Brand Positioning Evaluation eBook

Brand positioning is one of the most important steps in building a memorable brand.

Determining the elements that go into a strong brand positioning statement, however, isn’t easy. You’ve probably already conducted a lot of research to gain a deeper understanding of the perceptions surrounding your brand. You’ve also sifted through this information to identify key takeaways and meaningful differentiators from competitors. But now you’re most likely faced with hard decisions on which of these concepts are most valuable to include in your positioning.

To help break down the evaluation of these findings from your research into a more manageable process, there are a number of ways to assess the merit of each one. Below are a number of important criteria to consider:

Credibility—Is a particular perception or differentiator truly believable?

Ownability—Is a key takeaway something that has actually been earned by your brand?

Uniqueness—Is a particular concept something that sets you apart from competitors?

Telegraphy—Is a takeaway something that is easily understood?

Benefits—Does the concept help meet a need of the audience?

Dynamism—Does the finding inspire action or motivate someone to seek more information?

Plotting the key takeaways from your research against these criteria, with a simple scoring system (high, medium, low), can give you a clearer picture of what “rings true” about your brand. For example, if one of the takeaways from the research was that you are perceived as “experienced,” that may rate “high” in terms of credibility and ownability, but “low” when it comes to uniqueness or dynamism.

You can learn more about how to take much of the guesswork out of determining your most critical takeaways for your positioning in this eBook. It’s a practical, yet thorough way to develop a robust positioning that truly reflects what your brand is all about.