Mission & Vision


We help clients market and sell their products and services through the creative use of messaging strategy, visual communications, and marketing channels.

In our view, the right mix of these components forms a powerful brand. It’s the hallmark of any successful business relationship and the critical link between any product or service and the marketplace, between management and employees, and between companies and investors. We build communications that strengthen these links and are the result of well-crafted information delivered in a captivating way to the right person or audience.

Our responsibility to clients is to provide the highest quality consultation, marketing, design, and customer service possible. And everything we do reflects the highest ethical standards, to advance our clients’ aspirations and to support the integrity and evolution of the marketing and communications industry.

Over the course of 10-plus years, we’ve applied these principles and worked hard to achieve our goal of being recognized as one of the most creative, service-focused, and cost-conscious brand-consulting firms in the region.


At TDC, we break through the marketing static. We tune people in to products and services that can make a difference in their lives. Our branding and integrated marketing communications provide a clear and compelling picture of what sets our clients apart—and keeps their audiences tuned in for more.

Our approach is simple. We learn our clients’ business until there are no questions left to ask. We develop strategies that maximize our clients’ return on investment. We create communications that fit the logic yet stir the emotions of our audiences. And last but not least, we deliver measurable results.