Event Branding

Make Your Meeting a Must-Attend Experience

An annual meeting, conference, or trade show is a tremendous opportunity to attract new prospects, strengthen ties to current members, and highlight the unique value your organization offers. In other words, it’s a prime branding opportunity—one that you can’t afford to overlook.

In fact, creating an effective sub-brand for a major annual event involves far more than designing a logo or putting up an announcement on your website. It requires gathering important insights from your audiences, identifying your event brand promise, developing an arresting look and feel, and other critical steps that are just as integral to the brand development of any product or service.

You can learn how to establish a solid foundation for a more effective event brand in our “A Guide to Event Branding” eBook. It outlines the steps for understanding what makes your event worthwhile and translating that knowledge into messaging and creative assets that keep your audiences coming back year after year.