So What’s Your Story?

Effective Brands Use Narrative to Engage Customers

Hard facts and figures usually inform most of our day-to-day purchase decisions. Whatever’s faster, lighter, bigger, longer lasting, or less expensive usually wins our wallets. But when we’re looking at products or services that might show our values and beliefs to others, we often look for brands to help speak for us with their own unique stories.

So how do you incorporate storytelling into your brand? You don’t have to compose an epic about the entire history of your company. Here are three basic components that provide a solid foundation for narratives surrounding your brand:

  • How your company or organization was founded
  • What principles motivate you and your employees
  • Giving audiences an inside look at your operations—“a day in the life”

These simple nuggets about what created or drives your company provide compelling engagement points for prospects and customers. They help prospects see parallels between their own values and perspectives and yours—and pay less attention to pricing as the most important purchase decision point.

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