Messaging with One Voice eBook

Before you can start spreading the word about your brand, you need to learn what your brand messaging voice is.

And determining that voice, if you want it to be an accurate reflection of what your organization is really about, requires identifying a number of key messaging components. These should be examples of values that revolve around your brand, including:

What your organization stands for—why your organization exists in the first place.

Your character—attributes and qualities of your organization expressed in human terms.

Your differentiators—credible and ownable qualities that set you apart from competitors.

Your key benefits—what your customers and audiences gain from engaging with you.

Other components of your brand voice include your mission, vision, positioning statement, and a signature or tagline. When these are incorporated with words or expressions that reflect your organization’s character, differentiators, etc., you’ll begin to see a picture of how a compelling and consistent brand story can be painted for your audiences.

Our One Voice Messaging Platform eBook guides you through the process of developing your organization’s brand infrastructure. It also provides examples of what we’ve done for several of our clients, including educational and healthcare institutions. Overall, it’s a helpful tool for shaping your brand voice as well as making it more unified, focused, and impactful.