Brand Attraction eBook

Brand attraction: what is it?

Brand attraction involves more than just having a particular preference—it’s a love affair. It’s a relationship that turns audiences into fierce advocates and lifelong evangelists for a brand. In other words, it’s the kind of relationship that every organization or company dreams of having with its customers.

This eBook explores a wide variety of facets that surround brand attraction. Included are the following:

Emotional engagement

It’s rare for a brand to have a fanatical following without strong emotional attachments. Brands that help audiences elevate their mental, social, or even spiritual selves in some meaningful way are brands that “get” their audiences—and are rewarded with greater loyalty.

The One Thing

People are attracted to brands because of simple reasons. More often than not, the source of that attraction is one thing—and that one thing is usually how that brand aligns with your world view. One of the greatest examples of this is Apple’s brilliant “Think Different” campaign in the 90’s.

Unique Value Proposition

Coming up with your brand’s Unique Value Proposition involves getting a clear understanding of what the marketplace wants as well as what you offer. It’s important to get both sides of the equation right because the areas where the market demands and your organization offerings overlap is where your UVP is found. This is a key element of understanding how to find your way to the hearts of prospects and customers.

Reframing the view

When gathering insights from current customers or stakeholders of your organization on how your brand is perceived, it can be helpful to adjust the “lens” or perspective. This can help lead to different ways of thinking about the brand and fresh viewpoints. For example, rather than simply asking someone directly what he or she thinks about your brand, try the following approaches:

If our brand was a car, what kind of car would it be?

If it was a store, what would the sign outside say?

If it was a person, what would its personality be like?

Embracing brand attraction

Our “Brand Attraction” eBook takes a look into these dynamics and provides a roadmap for thinking about your brand in order to foster rabid enthusiasm and loyalty. Why not get started by downloading the eBook today?