Uncommon Branding Stays True to Key Fundamentals

The ingredients and factors that go into better branding When companies and organizations establish a new brand or rebrand themselves, it’s par for the course for the primary goal of the new branding to be differentiation from competitors. This makes perfect sense and is clearly something that any branding effort should strive for. However, setting […]

Ten Common Grammatical Errors

Sharpen your postings and overall writing by avoiding these blunders Thanks to the Internet, and social media especially, we are all writing more than ever. We are continually dashing off emails, pecking out texts, and posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, given the often informal nature of these writings, grammar rules often got overlooked. […]

Emoji Marketing Has Arrived

Will your marketing message work better with this form of communications? Keeping up with the development of technological communication is an important part of knowing how to market effectively. The way we speak and write is constantly evolving. It is up to us to make sure that we utilize this knowledge so that we can […]

TED Talks: Presentations from Which You’ll Learn a Lot

Ideas and inspiration delivered effectively TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. What TED Talks have become, however, cover a much wider range of topics and ideas than its creators initially anticipated. “Ideas worth spreading” is its tagline, and its mission is to make those ideas more “accessible and spark conversation.” Each TED […]

Building a Brand from the Ground Up

A how-to guide for developing a strong, engaging brand In today’s fast-moving, get-it-done-now world, building a brand seems like it ought to be a fairly easy, streamlined process that anyone could do. Think of a catchy tagline, some arresting visuals, maybe even a celebrity endorsement, and you’re good to go, right? Well, that’s one way. […]

Three Key Ingredients for Effective Lead Generation

Growing more leads begins with taking a balanced approach Attracting and sustaining sales leads is at the top of any business’ priorities. It’s always a continuous challenge to find quality prospects—whether you’re a B2B or consumer marketer. While every marketer is looking for ways to grow leads, it also seems like there is never a […]

A Brief Guide to Online Reputation Management

Make Sure Your Online Reputation Reflects the Real You It’s obvious to anyone who spends any significant amount of time online and on social media that opinions, hot takes, reviews, reactions, and all manner of personal editorial are unavoidable. No matter how overwhelmingly and unassailably positive your content or message might be, there always seems […]