Improving Lead Generation through Content Marketing

Establishing trust early is key to attracting leads

When you think of traditional lead generation, more often than not, intrusive outbound techniques come to mind. These include print ads, mass mailings, cold calls, and door-to-door visits (surprisingly still around). However the days of holding all the information, pushing it out to prospects through these channels, and expecting a significant pool of leads to appear are nowadays by and large over.

People can quickly and easily find out all about you

If you want to generate interest and engagement with prospective customers, you have to realize that customers are more informed and educated about you than ever before. Your ad copy, testimonials, and claims of superiority over competitors will instantly be subjected to online searches by prospects and unvarnished reality checks by past customers. And the latter won’t be shy about telling everyone what their experience was like with your product, service, stores, or sales staff.

Demonstrate you’re an expert first

Getting potential customers to become interested in you and eventually open to purchasing from you requires a willingness to deliver genuinely valuable and interesting content long before any kind of transaction is in sight. Your leads will already have done their research before they are ready to purchase—so it makes a lot of sense for you to be part of that information-gathering phase.

By providing content that helps folks know more about your product category, how to identify what aspects and qualities are best suited for different needs, how to use the product more effectively in various situations and so on, you’ll establish your brand as a credible and trusted voice.

Getting started

Blogs, videos, eBooks, webinars, and podcasts, are just a few of the digital platforms that you can use to begin showcasing your expertise and authority in order to attract leads. And by providing helpful, relevant information and answers to questions, you can naturally suggest your brand as a solution or resource.

For more information on how to approach lead generation through content marketing, check out this free eBook. You’ll get a better understanding of the wide array of ways to deliver content that attracts leads as well as guidance on how to structure and manage a successful campaign.