Uncommon Branding

Building a Brand that Separates You from the Crowd Exceptional brands draw deep loyalty and even fanaticism among their followers. They represent a perspective that touches upon an often unspoken value or belief—and provide the expression of that value or belief that an individual is proud to display or partake in. Think Apple, Tiffany, or […]

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning Evaluation eBook

Brand positioning is one of the most important steps in building a memorable brand. Determining the elements that go into a strong brand positioning statement, however, isn’t easy. You’ve probably already conducted a lot of research to gain a deeper understanding of the perceptions surrounding your brand. You’ve also sifted through this information to identify […]

Brand Clarity

Brand Clarity eBook

Just about every company or institution today claims to have a brand. But what exactly is a brand? Simply put, a brand is the expression of an organization’s philosophy, culture, abilities and goals. Branded communications materials can announce or mumble, inform or confuse, delight or depress, stimulate or irritate, and make or break a sale. […]

Branding and Identity: An Overview Slide Presentation

Branding and identity: an overview of elements and principles Branding and identity are terms that are commonly tossed around in even casual conversation nowadays. But what exactly is branding? What can it do? What processes are involved in developing a brand? Do you know what it truly means? Contrary to popular belief, a brand isn’t […]

Online Reputation Management eBook

Your online reputation should be a top priority. It’s no surprise nowadays that your company’s online reputation is increasingly being defined by how your customers describe their experience with your products and services—especially in online channels and social media. People are 12 times more likely to listen to customer reviews than to your marketing messages. […]

Branding for Independent Schools eBook

Tips for private and independent schools Independent schools enjoy a number of advantages over most standardized or public institutions. These include smaller classes, more personalized instruction, greater freedom to explore new subjects and experiences, a mission-driven culture, etc. Yet when it comes to developing—and creating consensus for—a brand persona, independent schools often face major challenges. […]

Branding Essentials eBook

Branding isn’t just a marketing industry term—it’s part of popular culture Anything can have a brand nowadays. Celebrities, sports teams, and even political leaders all tout their brands. However, effective branding is more than just a recognizable face or logo. It requires discipline and insight. No matter what is being branded, it’s important to remember […]

Branding for Banks eBook

Is Branding for Banks Really that Important? Ask a bank CEO to choose between budgeting hundreds of thousands of dollars for branding and hiring several new business development officers, and he or she will always go for the latter. Most bankers typically believe that their success is built exclusively on personal contact—there’s no way success […]

Positioning eBook

Positioning for better branding Before your ad, social media campaign, or website sees the light of day, there’s one that has to be set in stone. Your company or organizational positioning is the foundation for any marketing communications. It establishes what you do, who you serve, and what makes you unique—all things that define your […]