Is Direct Mail Dead? eBook

Direct Mail: Does It Still Work? Direct mail has had a long history of success. But it’s interesting to see the disconnection between data-driven digital natives who claim that direct mail is dead and the facts that clearly show how direct mail is still producing significant ROI, profits, and response every day. Certainly, direct mail […]

10 Steps to Successful Direct Marketing eBook

Direct marketing tips for better results Believe it or not, direct marketing/mail is still a highly effective channel for engaging prospects and customers. Direct mail is tangible, tough to ignore, and, as a result, often provides a better opportunity for engagement and exploration than email or other forms of digital marketing. However, there is a […]

Scheduling Projects for Marketing Communications eBook

Scheduling Projects: A Quick Reference Guide If your responsibilities include scheduling projects and/or trafficking for advertising, direct mail, broadcast, and other marketing communications, your work life is driven by launch dates, deadlines, and milestones. Some projects may only take a week or two while others might stretch out for months. Planning timetables and monitoring dozens […]