Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Content Marketing for Lead Generation eBook

Lead generation is key to starting the sales process—but how can you leverage content to your advantage to begin a dialogue with prospects? Prospects and customers are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to marketing communications. They know when they’re being “marketed to” and can instantly access brand, product, or service information online that […]

Branding for Independent Schools eBook

Tips for private and independent schools Independent schools enjoy a number of advantages over most standardized or public institutions. These include smaller classes, more personalized instruction, greater freedom to explore new subjects and experiences, a mission-driven culture, etc. Yet when it comes to developing—and creating consensus for—a brand persona, independent schools often face major challenges. […]

Branding Essentials eBook

Branding isn’t just a marketing industry term—it’s part of popular culture Anything can have a brand nowadays. Celebrities, sports teams, and even political leaders all tout their brands. However, effective branding is more than just a recognizable face or logo. It requires discipline and insight. No matter what is being branded, it’s important to remember […]

Branding for Banks eBook

Is Branding for Banks Really that Important? Ask a bank CEO to choose between budgeting hundreds of thousands of dollars for branding and hiring several new business development officers, and he or she will always go for the latter. Most bankers typically believe that their success is built exclusively on personal contact—there’s no way success […]

10 Steps to Successful Direct Marketing eBook

Direct marketing tips for better results Believe it or not, direct marketing/mail is still a highly effective channel for engaging prospects and customers. Direct mail is tangible, tough to ignore, and, as a result, often provides a better opportunity for engagement and exploration than email or other forms of digital marketing. However, there is a […]