A Roadmap to Memorable Destination Branding

Make your destination the place to be

With most of the country in the midst of some nasty winter weather now, it’s likely that millions of people are turning their minds to balmier or simply more pleasant locations—and making getaway plans accordingly.

If you’re marketing a vacation spot, a weekend day trip, a convention location, or any kind of desirable destination, are you going to be able to compete for these people’s attention and business? In other words, is your brand built to connect on a meaningful level?

A destination is similar to a product or service brand in many ways, but there are a number of unique aspects that need to be well understood first in order to establish a brand foundation. What are the people and culture like? What does fun, relaxation, or excitement look and feel like? What unique experiences will visitors encounter? How accessible is your destination and its can’t-miss sights?

A number of destination brand campaigns are among the most memorable campaigns ever created regardless of product category (Las Vegas—“What happens here…,” Virginia—“Virginia Is for Lovers”). To learn more about how to start building your destination brand, download our free “Destination Brand Building” eBook. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results as those places, but you’ll a good starting point at the very least.