Leading Speakers Bureau Enlists TDC to Provide Marketing Support

Keppler Speakers looks to agency to expand content development for prospect and client outreach

Washington, DC, June 6, 2018—Rachel Deutsch, creative director of The Design Channel (TDC) announced today that Keppler Speakers of Arlington, Virgina has tapped the agency to provide content and messaging support for its marketing program.

Deutsch said, “Keppler Speakers is one of the premier speakers bureaus in the country, and we are excited about this assignment to help it further advance its outreach. While this represents a new client industry opportunity for us, we know that we will bring a fresh perspective to the work and deliver additional depth and versatility to Keppler’s marketing content.”

TDC will initially support Keppler Speakers through copy development for online speaker biographies, messaging support for sales agents, and e-mail promotions touting the bureau’s depth and knowledge in a broad range of industries and topics. An opportunity to enhance the main Keppler website is in progress and will be in discussions for development later in 2018.

About Keppler Speakers

Founded in 1983, Keppler Speakers is the largest privately held speakers bureau in the country. Based in Arlington, Virginia, Keppler Speakers represents an expansive portfolio of noted figures, thought leaders, and pioneers from the worlds of business, politics, entertainment, sports, literature, and more who are sought after for their life experiences and insights into a wide range of topics. Keppler also provides speaker research, speaker travel logistics, and other services to make speaker bookings for meetings, conferences, and panels as seamless as possible.

About TDC

With offices in Washington, DC; Baltimore, Maryland; and Atlanta, Georgia, The Design Channel (www.thedesignchannel.com) provides a full range of integrated creative services, including branding, marketing communications and advertising, digital content marketing, and broadcast and interactive media.