Improve Your Copy Right Now

We all want to be better writers, don’t we? Whether or not writing is a major part of your profession or responsibilities, we often think that it’s tough to significantly upgrade the impact or readability of our copy without taking drastic action—such as taking a writing course or putting in hours of practice.

Which is total hogwash.

There are many quick and easy things that you can do right now to instantly improve your writing. Some of these are almost laughably simple but have been proven to work time and again. Things like making your paragraphs shorter, boldfacing key points, and using active voice can actually make a big difference on whether or not readers want to continue reading your piece.

Here are 10 simple ways to edit copy from Hubspot that are applicable to web pages, letters, emails, blog postings, and any number of written communications. They’ll help you make your message more persuasive, easier to read, and overall more impactful.