Germantown Academy

Germantown Academy (GA) is an independent school located outside Philadelphia, PA and is recognized as the oldest non-sectarian independent Pre-K to 12th grade school in the U.S. The school recognized that its branding materials needed to better convey the advantages of its remarkable faculty, community, traditions, and campus to prospective families. Accordingly, it enlisted TDC to conduct a comprehensive discovery process to identify key characteristics, values, and differentiators of the school to underpin development of a more engaging brand.

TDC embarked on a multi-pronged campaign to 1) assess the marketing communications efforts of competitors; 2) evaluate GA’s current materials and 3) gain a better understanding of perceptions around the school from the GA community. Our findings helped us create a new positioning statement, tagline, message platform, and brand look and feel for GA. These assets were then applied to a wide array of communications, including a series of brochures, posters, single topic cards, a “look book,” and a unique carrier to hold the pieces. In addition, we provided consultation for GA’s new website.