Building a Brand from the Ground Up

A how-to guide for developing a strong, engaging brand

In today’s fast-moving, get-it-done-now world, building a brand seems like it ought to be a fairly easy, streamlined process that anyone could do. Think of a catchy tagline, some arresting visuals, maybe even a celebrity endorsement, and you’re good to go, right?

Well, that’s one way. But a process that yields a brand which resonates deeply with customers and stakeholders, will last for years, and helps inspire loyalty is less about what you think and more about what you learn.

If you’re serious about building a brand that reflects what your company is all about AND can communicate that in engaging way, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and clear your calendar. Because you’re going to be gathering a lot of information about what your employees think about your current brand, how customers and prospects feel, the way your competitors market themselves, what your value proposition is and how it’s perceived, and many other things.

These insights are the material that you’ll be building your brand with, and as you can see, it’ll take some effort and time to capture that. Some of it will probably surprise and possibly even exasperate you. But it’s essential to start by identifying cold, hard truths about how you’re regarded by your audiences and stakeholders before you can proceed.

Gathering information about yourself is only the first step in a credible effort to build your brand. To learn about other important steps to establish and sustain a brand, download our “7 Steps to Building Your Brand” ebook.