Pitney Bowes


Everyone loves a mystery—unless it takes place in the mail. TrackMyMail, a division of mail services giant Pitney Bowes, is a web-based tracking resource designed to solve mysteries with real-time visibility into the USPS mailstream. The knowledge of where customer mail is at any point in the mailstream gives organizations valuable information to make better business decisions—a strong message that needed to be an integral part of the TrackMyMail brand under Pitney Bowes.

We established a new brand platform that worked with Pitney Bowes graphic style, while adding an appealing and playful direction that highlighted the mail mystery-solving capabilities and bottom-line benefits of TrackMyMail. This approach was applied to the TrackMyMail website, a reseller microsite and banner ads. In addition, we generated whitepapers and implemented search engine optimization tactics to further support the new TrackMyMail brand.