College of Southern Maryland

The Design Channel is working with the College of Southern Maryland to raise its profile among prospective college-bound students and their families. The assignment to date has involved creating a suite of recruitment materials, including a view book, search piece, a campus life mailer, discover CSM piece, open house promotions and other related brochures.

The new look and feel, with a mixture of rich, real-life photos and student stories, branded the school’s undergraduate program. Here is what the client said after getting the viewbook and search piece: “They are beautiful! I am so impressed with the quality of photos and the printing. The design really takes our college to a new level. I am very proud of the work you and your team have done. It has been a great pleasure working with you throughout this process. Many thanks and I look forward to all the following pieces!”

Recently we started work on recruiting materials for their non-traditional student “adult learner” program.