American Telemedicine Association

The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) is a non-profit organization based in
Washington, D.C. that promotes access to medical care for consumers and healthcare professionals through telecommunications technology. It has a membership network of more than 10,000 healthcare professionals and hosts the largest telehealth conference in the industry. It enlisted TDC to create a sub-brand for its 2018 annual conference and tradeshow event that would help it stand out among other telehealth conferences and generate greater interest and attendance.

After conducting discussions and interviews with ATA staff, board members, and past conference attendees, we created a new name and logo approach for the event that allowed updates for future events while maintaining brand continuity, a sub-brand look and feel, as well as an evergreen theme line (“Educate. Connect. Discover.”). Our work was incorporated into a broad range of communications to support the conference, including a save-the-date postcard, an exhibitor prospectus, website and email graphics, an awards brochure, banner ads, special interest group signage, and more.