American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), based in Bethesda, MD, provides its members with a wide variety of services, tools, and support to enhance their practices; strengthen advocacy for the profession; network with other practitioners; and more. After TDC had developed a new look and feel, and messaging for ASHP’s membership renewal campaign, we were awarded an assignment to plan and design ASHP’s 75th anniversary celebration at its 2017 annual meeting event in Orlando, FL.

Working within ASHP’s “75th Street” theme, we created a series of attractions in the meeting space that highlighted major events, programs, and individuals that contributed to the organization’s success. In addition to developing a microsite with an interactive timeline of ASHP’s highlights and milestones, we created a physical timeline of ASHP’s history, a panoramic display with profiles of 75 ASHP members, and a “Vision Board” that allowed attendees to share their vision of the future of pharmacy. Also included in the anniversary celebration area were caricaturists, massage therapists, a selfie wall, and mobile device charging stations to encourage visitors to return day after day.