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Welcome to our new resource center for sharing ideas. We made a commitment to constantly challenge ourselves to publish useful, relevant and entertaining content for our clients, prospects and professional colleagues. We invite you to look around, download any of our eBooks or articles and to watch our films and videos. We welcome your feedback and if you have requests for content on any other topics, please let us know.

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  “Branding for Colleges and Universities” White Paper
Why is narrowing your school’s appeal likely to draw more interest than expanding it? What’s the critical difference between a short message and a simple message? Get the answers to these and other questions in this white paper. click here

  “Unique Value Proposition” Exercise
What special quality does your brand possess that differentiates you from competitors? Here’s an exercise that can help you get the information you need to identify your brand’s Unique Value Proposition. click here

  “Branding Essentials” White Paper
Effective branding is more than just a recognizable face or logo; it requires discipline and insight. No matter what is being branded, it’s important to remember some foundational principles. click here

  "Branding for Banks" White Paper
Can you create a strong bank brand with so much product parity throughout the industry? This white paper takes an in-depth look at the importance of branding for financial institutions and how to make sure your branding hits the mark. click here

  “The Art of Positioning” eBook
Everyday, thousands of messages compete for you prospects' attention. A solid positioning is the most effective way rise above the static and be heard by those that matter. click here

  “Social Marketing” eBook
We've broken down the complex world wide web of social media into its respective parts so that you can join in and maybe even profit from it. Social media—the new way to talk about the brand experience.
click here

  “10 Steps to Successful Direct Marketing” eBook
A quick overview of strategies that can help you create more successful direct marketing efforts and increase your ROI. click here

  “Ten Tips for Marketing in a Down Economy” eBook
One or more of these ideas might be relevant for you to consider. Short and sweet, you can read it in five minutes. click here

click to open   “The Art of Animation” Short Film
Recently, we created an animated TV spot for one of our clients. The process was so interesting and intriguing that we thought we’d make a short documentary film on the process. click here

  "Project Timelines" eBook
If you manage marketing communications or advertising for an organization or manage a creative services team, you will find these project timelines helpful for planning schedules. click here

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