At The Design Channel, we believe every contact with your brand—from the actual product or service to your ads to your logo—is an opportunity to engage, inform, and inspire your prospects or customers. Each contact should build upon the others to create a unified brand identity and a lasting relationship with your audience.

Our award-winning designers, writers and account managers think of themselves first and foremost as prospects or customers. Every day, they put themselves in the shoes of the people they’re trying to reach and then they go to work.
Check out some of our latest case studies:
College of Southern Maryland
: New recruiting materials to boost the institutions brand image and increase enrollment.
Childrens Hospital
: New brand look and feel for one of the best pediatric hospitals in America.
Financial Services: 
: An integrated branding and marketing effort for a community bank that has served Maryland for over 20 years.
XO Communications
: Branding, marketing, communications and direct marketing for a national telecom company.
Associations and Government: 
: A re-branding program for the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative.
Wright Manufacturing
: An integrated branding effort that brought new power to this innovative lawn equipment company.
Cause Marketing: 
A Woman's Journey
: A marketing program for John's Hopkins Medicine's highly acclaimed women's health conference.
: A branding and marketing communications program for an innovative retail business.
Real Estate: 
Erickson Communities
: An identity and branding program for a resort and conference center.
Professional Services: 
Corporate Executive Board
: A positioning and branding program for CEB's expansion into a new market.
Travel and Tourism: 
Arlington Convention and Visitors Service
: A branding and marketing communications effort for Arlington County’s business and tourism industry.
Corporate Identity : 
: Award-winning work for a wide variety of companies and non-profit organizations.
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